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5 Successful Celebrity Owned Hotels

5 Successful Celebrity Owned Hotels

Celebrities are most known for their glamorous lifestyles; travelling to the most exclusive destinations and sleeping in the best hotels. Many years of experience in picking up the right hotel at any destinations have also provided them with the qualities of a good hotelier. Did you know that celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Donatella Versace and Robert de Niro have businesses in the hospitality field? If you want to check out the exclusive talents of some celebrities, check out these hotels!

Cristiano Ronaldo - Pestana CR7

Known for his incredible soccer skills, Cristiano Ronaldo owns two hotels of the same name. Named as Pestana CR7, they are found in Lisbon and Madeira. These hotels are perfect for football lovers with the interior designs and decorations are themed on… football! You will see huge posters of Ronaldo all-round the hotels, and there are quite a few caricatures of the golden boy!


Donatella Versace- Palazzo Versace

Found in Dubai and Australia, Palazzo Versace Luxury Hotels are owned by Donatella Versace. Both hotels are reminiscences of the 16th century. The hotels are fully themed on Neoclassicism and you can feel it in the well-chosen designs. On top of the mesmerising decorations, the hotels offer high-quality spas.

Robert De Niro- The Wellington Hotel

From actor to director, and from producer to hotelier, Robert De Niro is a multi-talented man! His success as a hotelier is no secret as the man owns hotels in New York, London and Philippines. His newest hotel, The Wellington Hotel, was opened in 2016 in London. The hotel features 20th century designs and art, and offers spa facilities!


Andy Murray - The Cromlix

‘Small but luxurious’ perfectly reflects The Cromlix Hotel which is owned by Andy Murray. Found in Scotland, this 5-star hotel consists of only 15 luxurious suites, all lavishly decorated with antique Scottish furniture. This luxurious hotel was originally just a country house built in the 19th century and it has now been converted into this luxurious hotel by the tennis player. All the rooms have been renovated and look very different from each other.

Hugh Jackman- Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

Hugh Jackman fell in love with the Gwinganna Hotel when he stayed there for two weeks, while shooting for Wolverine. This hotel is found in the midst of nature, and is perfect for a little escape from a hectic lifestyle. Designed with nature-friendly architecture, this hotel consists of magical spas! The wellness resort is most known for its stress therapy and outdoor activities.

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