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Biggest Poker Winners

Biggest Poker Winners

To play a game like poker can be all fun and game until you put your money on it! To play poker you need to have skills and strategy. Unlike some games, poker is about your talent and luck! Like Doyle Brunson once said “May the flop be with you.”

What do you know about poker? Or, what amazes you about poker? It is like a never-ending war where people thrive on getting better at it to increase their profits. You better be patient and smart, because if you snooze you lose!

Poker has a hidden secret, body language. It’s all about the way you lean, talk, smile and even look away. By just one false move, players around the table will sense your eagerness or frustration.  In the world, there are 3 top professional poker players that you would like to know about. Here are the men who made history in the world of poker.

Daniel Negreanu

The Canadian beau discovered the art of gameplay at the age of sixteen. The use of numbers and odds encouraged him to go further into poker. Soon this developed into a passion and he found himself playing poker in casinos with adults twice his age. He has played in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine as he is a performer too. Overtime, his winnings have come up to $32,887,949! That’s some cash over there!

Erik Seidel

From a young age, Erik was a backgammon player and was a gifted competitor. Eventually, he became a trader on the American stock exchange market. Overtime, he won a lot of awards and bracelets for his gameplay. He dropped out of school to start playing professionally and now has over seven World Series of Poker titles to his name. His poker winnings are $31,513,654! He earned well! He now spends his time with family and plays tennis.

Dan Coleman

The 26-year-old has had a great start to life! With his winnings coming up to $27,967,060! The online poker player beat Daniel Negreanu in the World Series of Poker tournament taking the first-place prize of $15 million. The 2014 incident made history! The American player has a series of winnings during that year, and he added more numbers to his earnings in Monte Carlo.

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Sofie Holmess has a passion and this is gaming and casino games. What a better job than working on as a Social Media Consultant, and writing about her favourite game

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