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CES 2020

CES 2020

We’ve barely started the year and Vegas is attracting visitors from all over the globe with promises of never-ending excitement, entertainment and ground-breaking tech! As the Customer Electric Show comes to an end in Las Vegas, let’s take a look at the top pieces of tech that has got everyone talking over the last week!

AO Atmos personal air filter mask

This mask is good for those exposed to air pollution, especially if you are going on a holiday or to a new country. It’s easy to use, a plastic mask which is known as Atmos goes all the way to your mouth and nose and filters the air with the help of a fan which is attached to the mask. The Mask purifies the air and has pressure sensors. What is impressive, the device is connected to a mobile app. You will be notified when there are changes in air quality. 

Helm Electrostatic True Wireless earbuds 

You’ll find these more interesting than Airpods! These Headphones are wireless and use a static charge. The sound is better than the traditional magnet-driven headphones. The earbuds are water and sweat resistant, great for outdoor activities and designed by Helm, the earphones offer high-quality sound and comfort. Plus, its unique design makes it classy and second to none.  

Vayyar's camera-less home monitoring system

Keep your home secure with this device. It uses radio waves, to keep an eye on your home. The most discrete of all options is the Vayyar's camera-less home monitoring system. It helps you to identify who is within the vicinity of your home. The information is kept on a cloud app, as this device does not take any photos or video. You can also self-host the data which is then gathered for extra privacy.

Hyundai and Uber have a Flying Taxi!

The showstopper at CES 2020 is the forty-nine feet flying taxi. It consists of four electric rotors and four tiltrotors. It can carry up to 5 people including the pilot. The Flying taxi goes up to 180 mph. It’s being mooted as a way to reduce traffic.  Wondering if you can get your hands on one of these? Well, we’ll have to wait and see if this design makes the grade.

John is our content Editor on Magical Vegas! Being in the gaming industry for a while, not only as an employee but as a gamer as well, gives him the ability to know what works for people or what they would enjoy.

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