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Christmas Holidays 2018

Christmas Holidays 2018

According to some people, it is the most wonderful time of the year! And why do they say that? That’s because it is Christmas. The festival involves plenty of treats, gifts, decorations and of course, cute jumpers for some comfy time. BUT! Did you know that it is not always an exchange of gifts and some family gatherings in some corners of the world? If you are bored of the same way of celebrating Christmas, try out these exceptional Holiday Destinations that are known to go the extra mile when it comes to the holiday seasons.

Bethlehem, West Bank

Today’s meaning of Christmas is about throwing feasts and giving high-cost gifts to the ones you love. It is hard to deny that the authentic meaning of Christmas often seems to be forgotten. As a refresher, a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Jesus could make you relive the essence of celebrating the birthday of the saviour. It is often said that the energy on Manger Square and in the Old City during Christmas Eve is enough to light a forest of Christmas Trees. But nothing compares to the place to be at midnight – St Catherine’s Church, for the Midnight Mass. 



Bondi Beach, Australia

Christmas is cold, for sure but if you still want to go for the tropical beach ambience, then Bondi Beach is the place to be! Break the Christmas clichés and go for a location that provides sun, sand and surf. As these elements try to replace the snow and fairy lights available in London at this time, a refreshing cocktail will be enough to appease your spirit! Bands and DJs rock the pavilion while everyone checks out everyone else. Dress codes you may not normally wear to a dinner party is accepted here; Bikini, Trikini or any of your cheeky swimsuits…






Zurich, Switzerland

All the snow-covered peaks you see on Christmas Cards and chocolate boxes are actually existent, in Zurich! This iconic scenery and fully decorated streets make the festivities extra-appealing. The city earns the interest of countless individuals around Europe for its oodles of Christmas Markets. Don’t like shopping too much? Why not embark on a thrilling journey around the city with guided strolls. At every plaza, the fairy lights and choir of local children sweetly delivering Christmas carols are a must see. In short, Zurich is about celebrating Christmas just like in the movies!


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Back to the sand and sea! We are going for Puerto Rico for Christmas. The small island is all set and ready to offer a sunny Christmas with a salsa beat. And that’s not all, roasted pig is a delicacy and traditional dish for the holiday seasons. In Puerto Rico, celebrations start off early December until the Three Kings Day on 6 of January. Mid December, Churches will conduct masses with rich carols and singing. The big feast is for Christmas Eve when everyone gathers to dig in some delicious turkey, meat or savouries. Puerto Rico gives a little summer kick to the Christmas feeling!



If you’re thinking of having an escape from the traditional Christmas celebrations, think about these exceptional destinations. After all, it is good to have a change sometimes… So, going out of town for Christmas?

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