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Christmas Movie releases

Christmas Movie releases

Christmas week is important for the cinema industry…Any ideas why? It’s mainly for the types of films, from Christmassy to the best comedy movies, you name it! This year we have the hilarious “Why him?” (Dad VS daughter’s new BF), “Hidden Figures”, the intelligent women working for NASA and “A Monster Calls”, the wild helping a little afraid boy.

Why Him?

Having to give your daughter away one day is one thing, but hating the guy she loves, is a different story! And Ned will be living both of these in this movie. Ned, a loving and caring father, meets the boyfriend of her daughter, Laird. And it is hate at first sight! Ned hates Laird because the later has no filter, despite being a trillionaire! While Laird plans to propose on the 25th of December, Nerd makes his best to stop this from happening. Will there be a wedding in the end? Let’s wait until the 23rd to know!

Laird has one dirty mouth, so if you’re planning to watch it with the kids… Better keep your hands on their ears!

Hidden Figures

Releasing on Christmas day, this movie will show you how life is full of struggles. The film tells the story of 3 Afro- American women who work for NASA. They are the ones to launch an astronaut in space, making him orbit around Earth. Something that was never done before. Katherine, a brainy since her childhood is chosen to be the computer.  However, their gender and their skin colour are the reasons they have to struggle.

The movie is based on the inspiring true story of three brilliant African-American women who worked at NASA in 1950s and 60s.

A monster calls

This movie will plunge you into a world of fantasy and creativity. It tells the story of a young boy, who was too young to be old. The lonely boy meets a monster who becomes his best friend. A good monster maybe! They stick together, and the monster teaches the boy courage, faith… You will be lost between reality and imagination when watching this movie. Is it even possible? Watch the movie and you shall see!

Releasing in January 2017 in United Kingdom, this movie is a must watch for adults as well as kids!

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