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Different Classes of Slot Machines

Find out more about different classes of slot machines

Nearly all of us have set foot inside a brick and mortar casino and seen the colourful and attractive online slot machines. But have you noticed any difference between them apart from their themes? You may be incline to answer they all sound and look the same, but are they really. This is one mysterious question that is soon to be deciphered.

Slot machines are commonly classified into 2 main groups which are Class II and Class III machines. Do you know how to distinguish the two? Finding the difference between these two classes of slot machines is not complicated if you know a little trick. Verify the corners of the electronic display and you will find out the difference; and if a little bingo card is found on its corners, then it is undisputable that you are playing a Class II slot machine.

Now that you know how to find the difference between them, we can move on to understand what the difference between them is truly about. The most important question that you can ask yourself is “who are you playing against”. This is one of the major difference between these two classes of slot machine. Class II Slot are bingo-style games, where players in fact play against each other in the casino, but the set of prize is quite limited. This game primarily mimics the real game of Bingo.

When you hit the spin button while playing a Class II game, the wins are determined by a central server to which all the games are attached, which is quite similar to a lottery server. The major difference between Class II slot machines and real life bingo is that you do not have to search for the numbers on your card or pay attention to the caller. In the end, the casino takes a little share of the income from the play, while the rest is given out as cash prize to all winners.

Class III games are the slot machines that you normally expect to find in casinos such as at Las Vegas. By playing on these machines, you are actually playing against the casino, and the result of each game is randomly determined using a random number generator. The payout on Class III machines is all about timing and luck, as the machines are set in a way that they keep a certain part of the wagered amount and dispense the rest to the players irrespective of the time they play. As opposed to Class II slot machines, you can expect to win big on Class III ones.

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