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DIY Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas Cards

Sending Christmas cards to families and friends has been a tradition for years now! Even celebrities do it, where they go for a family picture on their card (Look at the Kardashians for instance!). Buying a pack of 100 Christmas cards seems like the easiest and cheapest way out...But, what if you added a little more of a personal touch this year?

Magical Vegas Casino brings to you some DIY Christmas card ideas. These are festive, cute and don’t require a million hours to make. Plus, you won’t need a ton of expensive supplies to make them. Chances are you already have most of the materials lying around the house. Let’s have a glance at some ideas!

Button Snowman Card

        - 5- x 7-inch white blank card

        - 1 medium-size white 4-holed button

        - 4 1/2-inch long piece of 3/8-inch wide patterned ribbon

        - Hot glue gun

        - 1 small black 2-holed button

        - 1 small white 2-holed button 

Centre the medium-sized button at the top of the card. You need to make sure that the holes are straight; glue in place. Fold the ribbon in half. Then glue one side directly above the button. The small white button can be glued directly above the larger one. Fold the other half of the ribbon; glue in place. Glue the black one off-centre above the small white one.

Festive Felt Card

        - Felt! The brighter, the better

        - Sewing Supplies – Needle, Pins, Embroidery Thread, Scissors

        - A Gift Card Envelope Template

        - Your Gift Card

Using the template, cut out your envelope and any details you would like to add. Stitch details onto the front of it. You can opt to use a bright thread and have fun creating amazing details! Stitch together the back of the envelope. Fold along the edges using your fingers. Pin together the bottom and side flaps. Insert your gift card!

Magic Trick Christmas Card

        - White Card Stock

        - Transparency Paper Tape

        - Coloured Markers

        - Scissors Black Marker

        - Crayons Print template

Start by printing out the template! Cut out all of the elements and tape the Santa outline to transparency paper. Follow by tracing your Santa outline. Tape the transparency outline to the coloured photo of Santa. Place the insert card to the inside of the envelope. Remember, the indent must face out. Plus, the insert card needs to be at the bottom of the card leaving the room at the top. The insert should work like the image above once you tape the card together.

Happy card making!

John is our content Editor on Magical Vegas! Being in the gaming industry for a while, not only as an employee but as a gamer as well, gives him the ability to know what works for people or what they would enjoy.

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