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Do Not Throw Your Old Game Console

Do Not Throw Your Old Game Console

Remember how family and friends used to gather around old video game consoles to play games such as Pacman and Super Mario? Even though they didn’t come with interactive features or 3D graphics, everyone used to have a blast playing them!

It all started with the Brown Box video game console in 1967! This was quite a heavy rectangular box wired with two controllers, and it could be plugged in to any regular T.V set. Only six pong-style arcade games were available on this console.

As gaming technology evolved, so did the video game consoles. The first official video game console that could be played at home is the Magnovox Odyssey. With primitive graphics compared to today’s gaming standard and no sound, it was still a success in the early 70s. Then came the Atari Pong System in the mid-70s.

A series of Nintendo consoles dominated the video game market for nearly three decades with superior graphics, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Sega was not far away, as it released the Sega Master system in 1985. Various CD consoles made their apparition in the early 90s, mainly the Sony Play Station in 1994.

Only three major competitors have remained in the actual generation of video consoles, and they are Nintendo Wii, Sony Play Station, and Xbox 360. If your old video game console is still somewhere in the loft or shed, you may start dusting it off, as it could well be worth a little fortune today!

The old console’s prices have seen a sharp rise in the last few years and may soon become a collector’s items. The iconic Super Nintendo Entertain System (NDES), released back in 1992 is now valued at around £250, while its original price was £160! On the other hand, a first-generation Nintendo console that used to cost around £160 can now be sold for up to £400!

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Sofie Holmess has a passion and this is gaming and casino games. What a better job than working on as a Social Media Consultant, and writing about her favourite games!

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