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FA Cup Finals 2019 Scores

Manchester City is the new favourite for football fans. The team became the first men’s team to win the English domestic tournament three times! Against Watford, the intense clash ended on a 6-0 score in the finals hosted at Wembley.

David Silva and Gabriel Jesus were the first to score, triggering a roaring crowd! That surely proved to be the wake-up call for the team. Standing against the ruthless Manchester City might be intimidating but Roberto Pereyra was not afraid of any one! He had the glorious chance to counter attack the Blues… but Ederson! He was always on the lead, blocking Pereyra from getting closer to the ball. Well thought on behalf of City since they knew how much he was a threat to the team!

Kevin De Bruyn took the score to three on the hour mark! As the minutes were being counted, the hearts of millions rushed at miles per hour. On the field, De Bruyen dashed in front of the net, receiving the ball from Jesus and countered Heurelho Gomes. And off he goes with a final kick of the ball which slot right in an empty net!

Manchester City scoring more than four goals? That happened only twice in their history. But that night, history was being changed. Gabriel Jesus was after the ball once again and perfectly landed in the net, securing another score for the Blues.

At that time, no one knew that Sterling will be the one behind the two remaining goals. No, we didn’t even think that they will get that much! He grew up in the shadows of Wembley. To win the FA Cup was a dream come true! In a series of quick-fire goals, Sterling concluded the match on a score of 6-0.

For fans of Watford, the day was not going so well. As the goals kept coming in, they did not stop supporting their team! However, the sixth goal proved to be a major drawback for Pep Guardiola. The manager clearly demonstrated his embarrassment.

Having won the coveted trophy, Manchester City is now celebrating his third victory of the English Premier League. Will the score turn to four, next season?

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