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Game Of Thrones – Ending Predictions

Game Of Thrones – Ending Predictions

Fans of Game Of Thrones are nibbling on their nails just to know what will happen in the end. But let’s face it… we can’t really anticipate anything with GoT! But did you know that the audience has already made predictions of what might happen? Here are some of the most interesting theories that mark the full stop to Game Of Thrones.

Bran Is The Night King!

Oh No! People say that the Night King is not dead! In fact, the theory suggests that he entered Bran before he was killed. And he will be twisting his thoughts. Bran will kill everyone because of man’s action to the Children Of The Forest. Bran will take the Iron Throne and all the world will become Ice again.

There Will Not Be A Single Ruler

Many still believe that there won’t be only one person that will end up as the single ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. A theory says that after the bloodshed between Cersei and the rest of the world, the winners resolve that the Iron Throne is a big temptation. As such, they set up a triumvirate where more than one person will rule!

Daenerys Will Kill Gendry And Secure Her Claim To The Throne

Daenerys will come to know that Gendry is the son of the previous king. This theory says that he is the firstborn of Cersei and Robert that was discarded in the early years of their union. The Mother of Dragons knows that Jon already has a plus over the throne. She will not accept any more competitions and kill Gendry to secure her place in King’s Landing.

Varys Will End Up The Real Power

Varys… the silent fellow! We all might have thought that he will be doing a plot twist in the upcoming episodes. Like he will change the whole game! Daenerys will leave after losing Dothraki and Jorah. Varys will then find out about Jon’s true lineage and will end up as the real power behind Jon on the throne!

Littlefinger Fakes His Death And Will Return!

Another comeback? Will Littlefinger return? Some say that he feigns his death and will be back since he was sighted exchanging an iron coin with a woman a few moments before he “died”. He might come back in the final episode and reveal his true nature. From his rise, he will govern a new revolutionary army that will help him ascend the throne. (Don’t ask us how!)

Five predictions that leave us in mystery? Which of these might prove to be true? Let’s wait for the next episodes to see if the audience managed to see the future!

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