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Glamourous Winter Breaks

Glamourous Winter Breaks

Time to defrost! Drop the winter jackets and slip on some shorts and flip flops. If you don’t fancy the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, then there’s no better time to slow things down and be whisked off to a sunny destination for some winter sun. Escape the cold and head to a place where the warmth, celebration, and fun know no limits. Here are the top places that offer a sophisticated winter getaway! 


The richness of the white sand, palm-covered hills and valleys– it can only be the Caribbean.  Discover Posh resorts, Ayurvedic temple-like spas, exclusive hotels and villas and a collection of cosies that are sure to match the expectations of classy guests. With Balinese-style rooms, restaurants and excellent spas, it’s basically impossible to return home not looking relaxed and refreshed and feeling a lot lighter in both pocket and outlook. This is where it turns into reality! 

Bora Bora 

This place has impressive views of French Polynesia. For the locals, this place is a masterpiece of the Gods. Vibrant villages, never-ending beach fiestas and long hours of merrymaking... Bora Bora offers outstanding hotel brands dotted along the coastline. Treat yourself to the tropical getaway with a sea view from a private overwater villa and a private pool while you relax with a glass of wine. The rich and warm character of Bora Bora has got enough reasons to add it to your bucket list.    


Say Hello to a postcard destination called the Maldives! Gorgeous islets, pampered by Mother Nature, make this place a top wanderlust destination. Taste a luxurious lifestyle beneath the ocean. There’s nothing more thrilling than a sophisticated undersea water Hotel which is 16 feet below sea level. It includes a private chef, butler, trainer, and seaplane or a speedboat at your disposal. This hotel is designed lavishly to meet the expectations of the most discerning guests. 


Finally, Paradise Island – Mauritius. This island is elegant and for the élite without being over the top and it possesses a culture of its own. The Creole Style resorts are on its own private islet, this includes ultra-private stylish pool villas, waterfront dining, and a tropical setting. It’s a lively and family favourite! Leave all your stress and troubles and embrace the sheer luxury of it all. It’s the best place for those who like to head out, explore and want somewhere calm and privileged to come back to.   

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these beautiful holiday destinations. There’s only one question left to ask… have you packed yet?

John is our content Editor on Magical Vegas! Being in the gaming industry for a while, not only as an employee but as a gamer as well, gives him the ability to know what works for people or what they would enjoy.

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