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“Harry Potter - What Did You Miss Through the Movies”

“Harry Potter - What Did You Miss Through the Movies”

We all know about the sole survivor of the killing curse from Voldemort! Yet, this successful movie made fans hit a brick wall just like Harry at King’s Cross Station on platform 9¾... Any clue why? Those who read the books know that some magical elements infused within Rowling’s masterpiece did not make it to Warner Bros’ Movie. Unfortunately, they were ‘’expelliarmused’’ - either removed, cut or edited from the plot. Let’s look at some magical parts of the story that never made it into the movies. 

Peeved The Troublemaker! 

A supernatural character called Peeved did not only study at Hogwarts… he haunted it. The ghost annoyed students, bullied and teased - pretty much everything that a funny guy in class does! Due to his troublesome character, even the government objected to him having a part in the movie - poor Mr Peeved. Besides, the producers lacked any decent ideas for ‘’peeved’’. So they cut him from the movie. 

Professor Binns – Victim Of Boredom 

Another missing character was Professor Binns, a teacher at Hogwarts School. This quirky character that teaches charm, died of boredom and didn’t get a shot of being in the movies. He would’ve made a funny character, as most of us can relate to being bored in classes. Even those that end up killing the professor! How ironic!

 A Letter To Remember! 

One day, the Dursleys received a letter from Dumbledore. It was to Harry’s wicked aunt, Petunia. The letter expressed his anger and said ‘’Remember my last words’’. It would have been nice to include this in the movie. What a wasted storyline and could have added more to the movie. Unfortunately, it did not make it onto the producer's radar and never made the cut. 

New Dating Corner? Prefect’s Bathroom! 

Ron, as we all know, was the best buddy of Harry. He was one of the main characters in the series. But Harry got jealous when Ron and Hermione were spending time together and readers got to enjoy some romantic moments between the couple in the Prefect's Bathroom (college life!). Well, we all know; what happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom! 

An Ongoing Bully Curriculum! 

We are sure that the fans of the movie have no idea who the Marauders are…. Tragic! 

According to Hogwarts History, the Marauders were part of the Gryffindor House and they hated Snape. Being bullied by the group, he got names like 'Snivellus' and they cast many spells on him. “Alarte Ascendare, avifors, you name it, they do it! The Marauders and Patricia Rakepick - a Gryffindor student, were lawbreakers. 

JK Rowling wrote seven books about Harry Potter. It’s clear that Warner Bros did not cover all of the above, as the 4,175 pages would have been a real struggle to catch on film! The Wizarding World holds so many more secrets, that perhaps only the readers know them.  In case you did not read the book, you’d better be prepared! There's a lot going on!

Sofie Holmess has a passion and this is gaming and casino games. What a better job than working on as a Social Media Consultant, and writing about her favourite games!

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