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Identifying Rogue Casinos

How to idenfify rogue casinos?

Nowadays there exists a great number of online casinos out there, and each casino claims to be the best. We are easily attracted by the good looks and big bonuses but are you sure whether these sites are genuine? So how do you really spot a rogue online casino? How to know whether a casino is operating within the rules? There are a few things to look at and here below are the five major things that are capital warning signs.

1.      No new games addition – If there is an online casino boasting about their latest online casino game addition that’s been out for years, odds are they haven’t added anything new in a long time. To be sure, do a quick Google search to know when exactly the game came out. 

2.      No News, no blog – These two factors are important at an online casino since it requires efforts and time to keep people up to date on the latest happening. Rogue casinos are more concerned on tricking people to deposit without least bothering about anything else. 

3.      Bonuses with no terms and conditions – You perhaps think that these are to restrict your deposits and withdrawals. The truth is that the terms and conditions are there to ensure fair play and also to understand the rules. Sites that do not have any terms and conditions are dubious! There’s a big chance that they are not telling you the whole story! 

4.      Outdated promotions – The best online casinos make tailored promotions for its players established on the month, season, or holiday. If it’s July and you’re still seeing a Christmas or Halloween promotion posted on the website then it’s a rogue casino. These type of casinos try to show people promos that have never been updated and are too good to be true! 

5.      Non-reachable customer service – The very best online casino offers help 24/7, not in 24 to 48 hours from now. The best site lists its contact information on the homepage and offer toll-free support and live chat so that your queries are answered swiftly.

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Sofie Holmess has a passion and this is gaming and casino games. What a better job than working on as a Social Media Consultant, and writing about her favourite games!

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