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International Men's Day 2019

International Men's Day 2019

We’ve all heard of Women’s Day and Children’s Day. But did you know there was a day for men? Yes… International Men’s Day was celebrated on the 19th November 2019. This day is celebrated worldwide, and it is an occasion to honour men’s achievements and their role within family, marriage, and society. It is also a way to help equality and promote principles.

Celebrated in over 80 countries, International Men’s Day is a special day which first took place in 1992. It was created by Thomas Oaster. Oaster wanted to implement a specific set of aims when he introduced International Men’s Day. They were:

1. To emphasise discrimination which is used against males in society.
2. To highlight male role models. They need to be more visible in movies and sportsmen.
3. The celebration of men’s positive contributions to the family, society and even the environment.
4. Society needs to focus more on the health and wellbeing of men. For instance; their emotional, spiritual and physical state.
5. Enhance gender relations to build a safer world.

There is also a website in the UK about International Men’s Day. These sites are trying to make a difference and create a better life and create opportunity for boys and men. There’s loads on this Website that can help men who are facing difficulties.

There have also been different themes for International Men’s Day. In 2015 there was "Working To Expand Reproductive Options for Men". 2016 was about "Stop Male Suicide", 2017- “Celebrating Men And Boys In All Their Diversity". 2018- "Positive Male Role Models" and this year the theme is “Making a Difference for Men and Boys"!

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