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Las Vegas Bucket List! Top Things To Do!

We are sending one lucky Magical Vegas player and a guest of their choice on an all-expenses-paid trip to Sin City itself or a £5,000 cash alternative on offer! Read more here.

If Vegas is on your bucket list, check out all the glorious places to visit in the Sin City!

The Strip – A Stunning Sensation!

Folks, be ready to parade onto the glamorous streets of The Strip! Sky-scraping casinos, lavishing resorts and hotels line up the avenue in fine style. But wait to see those at night! You might start to rethink the meaning of nightlife! In one word… ok, two words; it’s mind-boggling! The Strip rejuvenates in the moonlight with casinos and restaurants swarmed with hordes of visitors.

If you are at Vegas, placing a bet at a world-famous casino is a must, for sure. The 52-year old Caesars Palace is still remembered as a symbolic icon of Sin City. Only a single visit to this fancy property will reveal the reasons why only a few Las Vegas Casinos manage to match its atmosphere. Believe it, it’s amazing!


A World Tour In Vegas!

Hold on! There are quite a few persons out there who wouldn’t say no to a tour around the world. Let’s face it, Paris is a charm and to witness the Eiffel tower stretching up from the horizon can make you immerse in the romance... even if you are single! A soothing melody in the distance and the fragrance of roses! Oh wow! Bonjour the magic!

Nope, no need to book the next flight! Paris Las Vegas is the casino you need to be in! It’s erupting replica of the Eiffel Tower is surely spotted by on-lookers from afar. You might be thinking, “Well, Magical Vegas, I prefer the Big Apple!” We got you covered as well. New York-New York has got a Statue Of Liberty so convincing that it ended up on a stamp by mistake. Sin City is even presenting five Michelin starred restaurants that pride in authentic cuisine. Feel free to refuel before hitting the casino floor again!

Ride A Wheel… An Observation Wheel!

You can’t beat the panoramic scenes from the high grounds of the High Roller. Actually, you can’t afford to miss it! This observation wheel proudly boasts its Guinness World Record title. As a matter of fact, it is even taller than the London Eye.

This 30-minute ride is totally worth it! You’ll go all the way in the sweeping landscape, swapping from the glitz and glam of the Strip to sun-touched valleys in no time! Each of the High Roller wheels can carry 40 passengers. We always recommend securing window seats as soon as you’re in the pod!

The Show Is On With Cirque Du Soleil!

Oh Yeah! It is showtime every second… every minute with Cirque Du Soleil! There are diehard fans of this circus organisation, for sure. If you’re ever stepping into the limelight of Vegas, don’t miss the chance to catch Cirque Du Soleil live on stage. Hold onto your seats, fellas… you’re closer to witness the best!

Each performance is packed with a stunning mix of heart-stopping acrobatics and aerial feats. The gorgeous sets, exquisite props and live orchestra are doing nothing more than adding the extra in extravagance! Seriously, heat up those palms since they’ll be clapping a lot!

Stratosphere Hotel… An Amusement Park In The Sky!

Are roller coasters too mainstream for you? Or would you prefer something that is on another level? Think no more! Stratosphere Hotel is setting the bar high… like really, really high – 109 stories up to be precise! Some attractions are spinning the passengers while others are throwing them off the edge. Don’t worry, you’ll be pulled back up…

If you are a daredevil and would love to be thrown off a building, then Stratosphere Hotel is just for you! But be sure to know what you’re getting into.


Golden Days Are Here With Golden Nugget

Here’s a quick game: Think of the word Vegas… What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Casinos! Or… Maybe that wild adventure you had! (Let’s not go into details *wink eye*) But on this article, we’ll stay with the casino as the answer. Sin City is the haven for premium casinos and to engage in a round or two of Poker is like living up for the classics!

But what if you never learned how to play? Even if you simply want to improve on the skills before going for hard cash, then Golden Nugget is the way to go! This classy downtown casino-resort offers complimentary classes for Roulette Blackjack, Craps and Poker. Once you’ve gathered enough moves up your sleeves, try your hand at a deluxe table game like Mississippi Stud!

Fancy winning a trip to Vegas? We are sending one lucky Magical Vegas member and a partner of their choice on an all-expenses-paid trip to Sin City itself! The prize includes return flights and a three-night stay at a top hotel with spending money to catch a dazzling show or to grab a meal.

All you need to do is register at Magical Vegas and make your first deposit. You will instantly enrol for our special prize draw! Yes, every deposit you make will earn you additional tickets for the draw! How fantastic is that?

So, ladies and gents… Which of these above activities are you going to check out first… in case you win the trip?

Sofie Holmess has a passion and this is gaming and casino games. What a better job than working on as a Social Media Consultant, and writing about her favourite game.

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