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Men with Real Superpowers

Men with Real Superpowers



If you think that being able to write with two hands at the same time is a super power, then you might be wrong! As there are few people who have extraordinary powers who will inspire or even surprise you. They live amongst us and they even take the bus from time to time… but who are they? Let’s have a look at these super humans evolving in a world of zero limits!




Franco Magnani – The Art of Remembering




Despite not being in his hometown for several years, Franco Magnani could paint his hometown in Tuscany, with uncanny accuracies. This Italian immigrant could suddenly recall the past with extraordinary details after suffering a rare illness. Even if he left his native town years ago, he could paint this childhood locations.



Rory Curtis – Eloquent Unknown Language

 In 2014, a barber woke up from a coma after a car crash, and started to speak fluent French! Then aged 24 years old, Rory Curtis believed that he was Matthew McConaughey. The hospital staff was surprised as Rory never ever learned French in school! There is still no logical explanation for Rory’s sudden accent and perfect French, but he stated that it did make a difference in his life.

Jason Padgett- Accidental Maths Genius



Jason Padgett was attacked by two men in 2002, after which he was left with brutal concussion and stress disorder. But, this incident turned him into a maths genius whose eyes are now geometry lenses. He developed an ability to envision difficult mathematical objects and concepts with perfection. Despite being traumatic, this injury unlocked a section of his brain, which made him a mastermind.




Orlando Serrell – Spontaneous Savant

Orlando Serrell wasn’t born a savant. He became and intellectual only after a brain injury. When Orlando was 10 years old, he was playing football when suddenly he was struck by a baseball. After falling to the ground, he got up and carried on playing. The boy then started having some unusual headaches. He then realised that he had developed some new abilities- he could remember complex dates and the exact weather as from the day of the accident.

Sofie Holmess has a passion and this is gaming and casino games. What a better job than working on as a Social Media Consultant, and writing about her favourite game.

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