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Most anticipated movies of 2017

Most anticipated movies of 2017

With 2017 comes the most awaited movies… but do you know why? It’s simply because this year, many sequels of existing blockbuster movies are going to hit the silver screens. So are you ready for some awesome movies?

Transformers- The Last Knight

The last instalment of Transformers will be released on 23rd of June! Being the fifth of the Transformers film series, and the direct sequel to Transformers: Age of Extinction, this one reveals how the story ends. In the last sequel, Optimus Prime flies into space with Seed after sending a message that he is coming for the creators… And in the upcoming movie, Optimus Prime looks in the cosmos for the creators of the transformers, while a new alien threatens Cade Yeager.

Alien: Covenant

Thirty-two years after the first movie, the concept of aggressive extra-terrestrial creatures still capture the attention of cinephiles. Alien is back this 19th of May with a sequel to the movie Prometheus! You’ll better have a strong heart to watch the carnage in store in Alien: Covenant! Believing they have found an uncharted paradise, the crew soon discover that it is actually a dangerous, dark land inhabited by synthetic David! Expect to see some strange, dark creatures!

Star Wars: Episode VIII

The much anticipated Star Wars: Episode VIII will be out this year! Rumours have it that this episode will be a continuation of the events of The Force Awakens. You will see the late Carrie Fisher in this movie as she completed the shooting before her sudden death last December. In the last episode of Star Wars, we saw Rey gifting a lightsabre to Luke at the end…leaving us wondering about the next scene coming up! Let’s wait until December 2017 to discover this mystery!

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