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Most Haunted Casinos

The World’s Most Haunted Casinos



Till death do them apart? This sentence apparently does not apply to few casino-lovers! As some still stick to their favourite casinos, even after their deaths! All over the world, there have been reports of ghostly sightings around casinos. These unusual apparitions are linked to mournful stories and uncommon characters, who have been visiting casinos in the past, and now haunt them. If you fear the spirits, here are the three casinos you should not set your feet at:



Bally Resorts & Casino

On 21st of November 1980, one of the biggest hotel in United States caught fire. The MGM Grand was burnt to ashes after some faulty wires provoked the fires. While the building was ravaged by the flames, hotel guests plunged to their deaths from the windows, thinking that firefighters would save them. The latter couldn’t save all the needful people, and thus 80 people were proclaimed as dead. Later, the Bally Resorts & Casino opened on the same site… and it is said that the spirits of the guests still haunt the higher floors. People who stayed in the North Tower of the Bally’s reported seeing strange figures walking at night…

Flamingo Las Vegas


   The name ‘Bugsy Siegel’ is forever linked to the Las Vegas icon, Flamingo Casino. Siegel, who was more of      an outlaw, played an important role in making Las Vegas, the Sin City. As per some guests, it would seem        that after being gunned down in 1947, Siegel has been haunting Flamingo Hotel. In fact, many employees        and guests have stated that they have come across Bugsy Siegel’s ghost in the Presidential Suite and near      the pool. One cleaner even left her job after being terrified by Siegel’s ghost when she was doing a night          shift.




Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino in Primm


   In the early 1900s, Whiskey Pete was a renowned rumrunner. Given that he was a legend, he made the            request to be buried standing… with a bottle of his own rum in his hand. Obviously, his requests were                obeyed. However, few years later, some workers accidentally exhumed a body which was believed to be his      (due to the upright position).  Since then, there have been rumours that he is haunting the hotel and casino      which bears his name. Many visitors have conveyed that they felt watched while playing at the casino.              Others also said that they have witnessed the strange figure of an elderly man dressed in old western                clothes.  




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