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Natural after-party Cures

Natural after-party Cures

Is everything moving around you? Or do you feel a kind of heaviness in your head after enjoying a blissful party? If yes, then you are surely having a hangover! During this after-effect state, more than 60% of people say that they are never going to drink again… Yes, yes! But once it’s gone, you’ll be roaring like a lion again, and craving for more cocktails.

Nevertheless, have you ever thought why it occurs when you have a drop too much? That’s because alcohol consists of chemical and acid, and all the food in your body will also induce toxins. As a result, your body is dehydrated and fatigues take its toll. But there are some natural ways to get rid of a hangover!

Fruit Juice

To fight headache, many of you often feel the need of a cup of coffee. But, this is not really the solution as coffee will only make you feel a bit less groggy. They are not effective in conquering hangovers given that they are diuretics, which might dehydrate your body even more. In such situation, drinking fruit juice might help you feel better. The juice will raise blood-sugar levels and fills your body with essential vitamins. This will eventually make you recover sooner and make you feel better.

Detox Bath

Another remedy to conquer hangovers is to take a detox bath. It means that you just simply need to sit in a bathtub full of hot water. You can also add some oils like Tea Tree oil or lavender, baking soda, vinegar, or salt in the hot water. This will reduce the joint pains from your body and will ease the pressure to fight the head ache issues.


One among the most effective ways to recover from a hangover is to eat one or two bananas. A banana consists of rich potassium, that may help to fill your body with essential mineral safely. In this situation, you may get back to your regular routine quicker than expected.


When your body contains toxins, the next step is to detoxify it. Apart from water, what else can do that duty? You can drink small amount of water during short intervals. This will help your body to function the same way as earlier.




If you don’t feel like drinking water, the best option is to go for lemonade. It is very easy to prepare. All you need to do is to just squeeze a whole lemon in a glass of water. If you wish, you can even add a pinch of sugar and salt before drinking just to make you feel better. Lemonade has the edge over water as it helps to purify your body better and faster.



These are some of the best cures that will help bring you back to life instantly. Additionally, drinking cocktails with moderation cheers the spirit, softens the temper, and promotes health. So, you better keep these remedies in mind.


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