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Nine Places To Escape The Cold In Winter!

Nine Places To Escape The Cold In Winter!

The temperature’s dropping, folks… And you are nearly reaching that point where you just can’t bear another cold rainy day. Ask us! We’ve been busy scrapping off frost from our windshields and all we can think of is fly away, soak up the sun rays in our pores and make everyone back home jealous with our Instagram pictures. Since there is no tan like a winter tan, why not head to some exotic destinations where the sun is not afraid of winter? Here we present a few of our choices; three continents, three per continent!


Can you believe it? Some areas of Europe are being pampered with some sun rays throughout Winter? Well, quickly make your way to these popular destinations. We can’t let them enjoy the sun alone!

Canary Islands: The temperature does not tend to be extreme around the beautiful Canary Islands. The sandy beaches and azure waters offer the perfect weather for your t-shirts. Prefer fewer crowdy areas? Well, smaller islands like La Palma would be the haven for winter!

Malta: The island of the Mediterranean Sea knows how to attract its fellow tourists. From Comino’s rugged lagoons to the breath-taking view from Azure Window, Malta is the place for snorkelling, diving and enjoy every element of summer in winter!

Southern Cyprus: Discover the island rich in history, culture and exotic destinations for sun & sea lovers. We do have a soft corner for Southern Cyprus. Maybe because it is the perfect place to see an exquisite combination of nature and culture. Hmmm… don’t forget, you have to go back!


The biggest continent in the world could be your favourite destination! Catch up a flight and all you’ll end up saying till the end of winter is, “Take Me Back To Asia!!” Here are some places that would leave some memories in your mind…

Thailand: Whether you are in love with the wild spirit of Bangkok or enjoy the popular beaches of Phuket, the rustic beauty of the Thai islands equally guarantees gorgeous holiday weather. Thailand could be the perfect get away from the cold winds of winter!

Hong Kong: Hong Kong could be one of those cities that never got to know winter! The metropolis goes as far as the eyes can see and all the luxurious malls are here to welcome you. Have a taste of modernisation while becoming one of the million people enjoying the humid atmosphere of Hong Kong.

Goa: India is not only known for the rich culture and heritage. Goa is where all the heavy clothes stay in the boudoir while your swimsuits can’t seem to leave your body! Relax under the sun while refreshing your taste buds with some cocktails since the night is the only thing that falls here!


First thing we have in mind when we think of Africa is the wild safaris and hot savannahs. Well, that’s not the only thing they have for you! Get your sunglasses ready…

Cape Town: Oh! The thought of sitting in the glorious sunshine of mid-January while you continuously sip on some local South African Wine. Wonderful! Well, Cape Town features scenic routes and lush green mountains. If hiking is your thing, then Cape Town is the place to be!

Egypt: Yes, the desert has winters as well but Egyptian deserts offer everything else than cold and snow. Bathe in the splendid view of the Pyramids or walk amongst the avenues where local artisans have put their skills at work. Live paintings, sculpting, photography and more are things to enjoy here!

Mauritius: Lost in a distance from Madagascar, Mauritius houses true wonders around its mountain ranges. Resort to the sun-touched lagoons and beaches for some relaxation. If that doesn’t tempt you, then opt for exploring the forest areas of the island. It is a place for nature lovers to thrill their senses, for sure!

Looks like someone won’t be waiting for summer to get in shorts! We still have some months to go with winter. Which of these places are you planning to visit?



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