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Oldest Restaurants in the World

Oldest Restaurants in the World



Many restaurants around the world have survived the caprice of time and still stand strong and tall today!                Some of them have been delighting people with their delicacies for more than a thousand years.

They must most probably have quite a few secrets for still being operational for numerous centuries. But                  quite obviously, they seem to be doing something just right and it’s been working for them!



St. Peter Stiftskeller in Austria — established in 803                                

Located in Salzburg in Austria, St. Peter Stiftskeller is the oldest restaurant that you will find in Europe. In the year 803, Alcuin, a famous poet first mentioned this inn in his writings. Since that time, this chic restaurant has been serving pretty much everyone from clergy to royalties. Today it is mostly visited by tourist who are looking for a dining experience that can take them back in time.


Biànyífang in China — established in 1416

Considered as the first ever Peking Duck restaurant in the world, the Biànyífang is one of the pride of Beijing. The closed oven roast duck at the Biànyífang restaurant have the particularity of being juicy in the centre and crispy on the outside. This dish has been served at this local restaurant since the reign of Xianfeng, the Qing emperor. Nowadays, this place is an essential destination for the local residents and tourists alike. 

Zum Franziskaner in Sweden — established in 1421

Zum Franziskaner is a Bavarian family run restaurant and it is considered as the oldest one you can find in Stockholm. In its extremely cosy setting, you can still be offered a casual dining experience. The Art Nouveau furnishings of the restaurant is quite impressive, just like its food. If you are looking forward to eat some local sausage in Stockholm, Zum Franziskaner is the right place to be.

The Tour d’Argent in France — established in 1582

Found in the City of Love in France, The Tour d’Argent restaurant has been around since the reign of none other than Henry III.  Apart from serving some of the best French cuisine, this old restaurant also offer an exceptional view of Seine River in Paris. King Henry and his lords used to gather at this restaurant for a royal celebration after their hunt. The folk, arguably one of the most elemental utensils on our tables is said to have first appeared in this restaurant. 

Rules Restaurant in Britain — established in 1798

Three families have swapped the ownership of London’s Oldest Restaurant, known as Rules, since it was established. However, the restaurant has remained true to its main objective of providing traditional British dishes at their best. Rules is also known for its affordable prices. Since it was founded, this incredible restaurant has served countless great performers and writers. Some of the include Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, H.G Wells, and Charles Dickens.

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