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Random Number Generator Facts

Useful Facts about RNGs

All genuine online casinos such as Magical Vegas maintain fairness by using the latest random number generator technology. This provides Magical Vegas and other casinos using this technology with a high standard of credibility and it also helps to promote a legal and warrantable online gambling industry that guarantee the players that online casino nurture game fairness.

The random number generator (RNG) is a computer program that acts as the heart and brain of online casinos, and it makes sure that random numbers are picked according to a specific value such as the card value on a video poker game, the number on which the ball will land on a spinning roulette wheel, and specific symbols on the reels of online video slots.

Online casinos such as Magical Vegas are made reliable, unbiased and fair with the random outcomes having highly unpredictable results, and this is applicable in each and every spin of the reels, in every card dealt, and in every dices rolled in the virtual casino.

Neither internal nor external factors have the ability to chance the random number generators of an online casino, as it is executable in recorded software that abides to high regulating standards. The software of the random number generators cannot be rigged or altered as its operation is regulated under a licence agreement by a governing commission.

The performance of online casinos’ random number generators are constantly tested and reviewed by a regulating body. Online casinos are subjected to continuous supervision by a licencing organisation and each action is handled with recorded procedures to ensure that no modification are made on their approved RNGs.

As a licensing procedure, the RNG technology used by the online casinos are reviewed and tested to ascertain its reliability of producing a sequence of 3000 million numbers to promote reliability in promoting game fairness and greater functionality.

The RNG produces winning patterns that may provide players with more favourable outcomes that will automatically result to more losses on the online casinos end. Thus using RNG technology is advantageous to both the player and the online casinos.

Random Number Generators never stop producing winning combinations. Even when no one is playing a game, the RNG still produces winning patterns every fraction of a second, So no factors affect the winning pattern generated by the RNG, as it just keep doing its job!

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