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Richest Native American Tribe

It is hard to believe that one generation ago, members of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Tribe of Minnesota lived in tiny house trailers. As a result of the grand profits generated by their luxurious casinos and resorts, the Tribe now lives a relaxed life of lavishness and comfort. Known as one of the richest native American Tribe, the members of this clan went against the odds when they set their business. Today the same business rewards them with at least $1 million each year.

With a monthly income of around $84,000, the members of the tribe own grand mansions, yachts and deluxe cars. Some fellows also fancy expensive hobbies such as big game hunting and horse breeding, and their kids go to private schools. Tribe members possess several homes across the country, and go on vacations for long times. 

Their casino is known as The Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, which has been built on a man-made lake. It consists of many restaurants, a convention center, a 586-room hotel, showroom of over 1,000 seats, 8,000 outdoor theatre and an impressive golf course. This hotel is amongst the largest Indian casinos in America. The tribe also holds the Little Six Casino. The revenues combined by both casinos make the lioness part of Minnesota’s $1.4 billion profits.

It was not a surprise when in 2010, the Shakopee Mdewakanton Tribe was offered a Jefferson Award for Public Service. The tribe has donated around $243 million to charity since 1996, and their lent amounts to $478 million. They use their profits to help other Indian tribes to reach their goals too.

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