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Ridiculously Expensive Items

Ridiculously Expensive Items

What is it like to walk in the shoes of a millionaire? Some are humble, while others like to splash the cash on unnecessary items (big show-offs!). You think we’re joking? Buying a yacht may come in useful for holidays, but what about toilet paper worth $1.3 million? We like to think that we have an eye for tasteful bling – but what we’ve got here takes the golden nugget!

Gold Toilet Paper

Yes, you read that right! Can you imagine 22-carat gold loo roll in your bathroom? This really is the next level. It also comes with a personal delivery guy and a bottle of Champagne! Designed by an Australian company, this is the most expensive roll of toilet paper ever. How much does it cost? Only an eyewatering $1.3 million – talk about chucking your money down the toilet.


14-Carat Lego Block

We all love playing with Lego, it never gets old. But what if your Lego pieces are made of gold? 14-carat gold to be precise. Would you spend £12 - £14K on one piece of Lego? You can just imagine super-rich parentbuying their kids a complete set! Made from 25 grams of solid gold, you definitely don’t want to lose one…

Diamond Contact Lenses

Shine bright like a diamond with a pair of $15,000 contact lenses. Weighing 5 grams, these lenses have been tested by experts, so they won’t have any adverse effect on your health. Only 3,996 pairs have been made which only adds to their exclusivity.  Plus, if you want to go all out, you can modify the contact lenses by adding gold too. Surely there’s cheaper ways to make your eyes sparkle?

The Aurora Diamante Pen

Who needs a pen covered with 30 carats of De Beers diamonds? Well, the ultra-rich apparently! This $1.3 million pen is made of 18 carat gold and can be personalised with a coat of arms and signature. Honestly, however important the papers are that you’re signing, this seems a bit much – what’s wrong with a good old biro?

Diamond LCD TV

Yes, this isIt has a 55-inch screen, with 72 cut diamonds carefully placed around the screen. But really, who needs diamonds around the edge of their telly?

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