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Slots Terminology

Slots Terminology

While playing online slots at Magical Vegas, you may come across various unique terms and phrases. You will find some of them quite self-explanatory, while others may require some clarification. The below slots terminology guide will certainly come in handy by providing you a clear insight about commonly used terms and their meanings.

       - Active Payline – A line on the reels that you have selected to be in play and where a winning combination can appear.

       - Auto Play – The option to spin a certain number of game rounds automatically, without having to press on any button.

       - Bet Per Line – Amount placed as stake on each of the paylines. It is then multiplied by the number of active payline to get the total bet per line.

       - Bet Max – Selecting the maximum bet value and maximum number of paylines to be in play.

       - Bonus feature – Many online slot games have features that can be triggered based on specific combination of symbols or randomly, and these provide the opportunity to get higher payouts.

      - Classic Slots – They are the tradition slot games, consisting mainly of just 1 payline.

      - Coin Size – The value of each coin placed as bet.

      - Coins Per Spin – The number of coins that have been placed as bet on each spin.

      - Credits – Tokens or currency used to represent the stake in play.

      - Fruit Machine – Community refers to online slots that have options such as bonus games, nudge and hold features.

      - Hit – a slang word referring to a spin with a win.

      - Jackpot – The highest payout on a slot game.

      - Paylines – Lines on the reels on which matching symbols align to form winning combinations.

      - Payout – The winnings generated for a specific combination of symbols.

      - Payout Percentage – The percentage of all bets that an online slot game will pay over a certain period of time.

      - Paytable – Shows all the possible winning combos on a game and its relevant possible payouts.

      - Progressive Jackpot Slots – Online slot games where a jackpot keeps on growing over time until it is won.

      - RNG – Random Number Generator is a device used to provide complete randomness on each spin to ensure fairness.

      - Reels –The virtual rotating barrels where the symbols are found on the screen.

      - Scatters – Symbols that does not necessarily have to align on a particular active payline to form a winning combination.

      - Stacked Wilds – Wild symbols appearing on top of each other on a reel.

      - Symbols – The graphics or pictures appearing on the reels.

      - Video Slots – Slot games where there is a video screen rather than reels

      - Wild – A symbol that acts as a joker and can replace other symbols on active paylines to form winning combos.

      - Wild Multiplier – A wild symbol that also increases the initial payout when part of a winning combo.

      - Winning Combinations – Combination of symbols on active paylines that award payouts.

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