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The Majestic Constanta Casino

The Majestic Constanta Casino

The grand Casino Constanta was once considered as the ‘Monte Carlo of Romania’. It was undoubtedly the best holiday destination for celebrities during the early 20th century.

Set high on a beautiful cliff-side watching over the Black Sea as a pearl, the majestic casino’s art details and shapes are still intact.  This structure has been left to ruins a few decades ago.

The reason for the downfall of this massive structure is said to be mainly due to its expensive maintenance cost. After different owners tried their best to keep this Romanian casino running over several years, local authorities finally closed it in 1990 during financial crisis in the country. 

Specially ordered by King Carol I, Constanta Casino was built by Petre Antonescu, a Romanian architect. Six years were taken for its construction and it was finally completed in 1910. You will most probably notice that everything in this luxurious palace had been carefully considered while it was built. Its Baroque accents of the 18th century can take you back in time, while it’s authentic shell-shaped windows will most probably remind you of marine creatures in the Black Sea.

This palace still has many of its impressive hanging chandeliers in place and an across-the-board staircase that was once taken by Europe’s elite and royalties. It was certainly one of the preferred destination of people visiting the French Riviera and even became the symbol of the city of Constanta during its glory days.

During World War Two, this casino was briefly converted as a hospital, and later it was used as a restaurant during the communist regime. There have been quite a few attempts at restoring this massive building, however they were all abandoned later. Today, many tourists from around the world visit Constanta city in Romania, just to have a little glimpse of the interior of this great structure.

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