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Things you probably didn’t know about London


Do you think you know everything about London? Maybe the underground and streets are no secret to you. Or you most probably know where to get the best food or drinks from. But there are so many facts about the city which have been buried behind the curtains. Let’s go for a special tour of our old London

  • You must have heard of the Waterloo Bridge, but did you know that it was built by women? It is a less known fact! During the world war II, there were around 25,000 women working in the construction sector, and they were mainly involved in the building of this bridge. This is because men were off to the army, leaving women with the rocks and cement. This bridge which travel up to Thames, is also known as the Ladies’ Bridge.
  • The busy traffic of Central London’s St Pancras Road, around the corner from the glass and steel skyscrapers of Euston Road, lies a river which has long been forgotten. It might be hard to imagine that waters used to run through these grassy fields, but it’s a fact! Outside St Pancras Old Church, there is even a plaque which shows the painting of people bathing on the banks of Fleet back in 1827. The River Westbourne as well is one of the biggest lost watercourses, which is now nothing but a sewer. Another add-on to this list is River Tyburn which runs underneath Buckingham Palace. 

  •    London is known for its ever-changing and mostly rainy weather. Londoners surely have a               reserve of Raincoats, jackets, boots, socks, sweaters and scarfs. But as per the World’s                 weather report, other cities receive much more rain than London. For instance, New York               receives a higher rainfall than The Big Smoke.



  • It might be hard to grasp today, but in the yesteryears, London was home to many creatures including mammoths. For example, a mammoth jaw was discovered in King’s Cross. Remains of other animals like crocodile, hippopotamus and wolf have been respectively uncovered in Islington, Trafalgar Square and Cheapside.


Until now, London remains a city teeming with unsolved mysteries... So, be always prepared to learn new facts about this splendid city.

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