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To bingo or to Spin?

Do you favour Bingo or Slots?

Back in the days, bingo was a game mostly enjoyed at elderly centres. However this has now changed since bingo machines and slots are gaining in popularity among people of all age groups. Bingo and slots machines are more or less the same however there are still some differences that every player should be aware of.

-         The essential difference – the main dissimilarity between bingo machines and slots starts with the type of machine. Bingo is known as Class II machines and are like real-life bingo games. It requires your attention and announces your progress and you also have to be involved throughout the process etc… 

Slots on the other hand are Class III machines. Playing on a slot machine is only between you and the casino house. You won’t find two games linked to each other and your wins are automatically announced. 

-         Is it skills or luck? If you are a big fan of video poker, then it is perhaps the reason you have this question in mind! If this is the case then it is best to go for the class III machines instead of II since you don’t require any skills whatsoever to play bingo. 

-         Which machine is better? As it is, online slot machines turn out to have a greater win percentage than the bingo machines. This is because the class 2 machines have merely the same odds of winning as the traditional bingo does. However, it is hard to determine which one is best based on a single detail. 

-         What does the law say? It is actually quite hard to differentiate these two machines however in some countries, one is accepted while the other no! In India for example, class 2 machines are allowed in their entertainment centres but class 3 aren’t allowed.

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Sofie Holmess has a passion and this is gaming and casino games. What a better job than working on as a Social Media Consultant, and writing about her favourite games!

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