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Unexplored Lost Worlds

Unexplored Lost Worlds

You might think that planet earth has been discovered thoroughly and every nook and cranny has had a foot set in. That’s true but they haven’t been fully explored! Has anyone discovered anything about the Bermuda Triangle? Nothing yet, still a mystery!

There are over ten unexplored places in the world and most of them have led to amazing discoveries, be it under water or on land. Here are the top three most mysterious places on earth!

Flora and Fauna, Palawan, Philippines

Once said to be extinct, the island was hidden in the corner of the Philippines. The island has been home to different species of plants and animals. Though some have been discovered and named, there are many that are yet to be found! Animals which have been discovered in the mystical highlands are the bearded pigs, flying lizards and purple crabs. Also, blue mushrooms, pink ferns and a pitcher plant that is big enough to eat rodents and smalls monkeys. The water monitor that is like the Komodo dragon, is a large lizard that feeds on different species such as crustaceans and mammals.

Lake Vostok, Antarctica

Being one of the largest lakes in the world, it is located in the Pole of Cold under the surface of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet which is over 3,000m above the main sea level. The mysterious lake hasn’t been touched for over 400,000 years and the water itself has been still for at least 25 million years. A borehole was drilled through the thick ice and a few samples of the water have been collected. It is said that unusual forms of life might dwell in the waters of the lake. More research is being carried out by a Russian team of scientists.

Sima Humboldt and Sima Martel, Venezuela.

The two names are a reference to two giant holes bearing the depth of 3,352m that are located on a flat top mountain. The sightings were discovered in the late 1900’s where scientists descended the holes by ropes when they discovered that the bottom was larger than the top. The bottom of each pit has formed its own eco system over time. The name of both pits has been derived from the local people called Ye’kuana. The Ye’kuana told tales of a cannibalistic evil spirit who lived at the top of the mountains that hunted for humans for food. Unusual, isn’t it?

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