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Unusual Auction Items

Unusual Auction Items

If you think that almost everything can be auctioned nowadays, you are absolutely right! But you will never guess how far can someone pay for the most peculiar item. With the introduction of online auction websites, more and more unusual objects are being proposed every day! Want a glimpse of unusual auctions? Here are the strangest items that were sold for astronomical prices!

A 65-year-old slice of Royal Wedding cake

In 2013, a share of the fruit cake served at Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke’s wedding was on sale! This 70-years old cake was being sold by PFC Auction, which is an online auction business based in Guernsey. Enclosed in its original box accompanied by the wishes of the ‘newly-weds’, the item’s highest bid was of £560. Well, well, well…. Long live the fruit cake!


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s breath in a jar

Despite being the cheapest item on the list, it is also the strangest! Actually, someone bought a jar of air because it was supposed filled near Brad and Angelina Jolie for a grand $530! No, it’s not a joke and this did happen! Let’s keep wondering if the buyer managed to verify the content of the jar. . .

Winston Churchill’s denture

In 2010, the gold-plated dentures of Winston Churchill were bought for a solid £15,200, in an auction at Norfolk. It looks like the man who led Britain to victory has a die-hard fan! The Gloucestershire man who snapped this item, also owns the microphone which Churchill used to declare the end of the war.

Lady Gaga’s faux fingernail

Speaking about nailing a sale; in 2013, the Mother Monster’s faux finger nail was sold for a cool for £8,500! After a performance, a stage manager put the Gaga-singer’s black and gold nail up for auction… and her fans fought tooth and nail over it!

A black watermelon

The year 2008 saw the biggest bid of £73,000 for. . . a black watermelon! Known as the Densuke watermelon, this special fruit grows only on the island of Hokkaido. Until now, this auction has sold the most expensive watermelon ever, in Japan and around the world.

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