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What Can You Bet On?

Ever heard the phrase “I bet you can’t lick your elbow, I’ll give you ten quid if you can do it!”, turns out it was impossible. And “I bet you’re too shy to go talk to him, 10 quid if you can.” And guess what, you chicken out!

Betting is not limited to only sports fan, it’s all about how good you are at predicting. Lately there has been a story of Peter Edwards trending. The grandfather who made a £50 bet that his grandson, Harry Wilson, who was 18 months old at the time. He placed the bet that one day Harry would play international football. 15 years later, Mr. Edwards is £125,000 richer. Cha Ching!

Remember the craze back in 2015? The public stood placing bets and were predicting the gender of the Duchess’s next baby. Boy, girl or even twins. Then! It came to a point where they were betting on the names that would be chosen for the baby, boy and girl names.

Ever heard of Dr Seuss? The bet that he made launched his career. He’d made a bet with the co-founder Random House Bennet Cerf that Dr Seuss was unable to write a book with fifty individual words. Well that was just what Dr Seuss did and won the bet plus went on best seller. That proved Bennet wrong!

Oh, there’s another one! After Luis Suarez was famed for biting his opponents twice another bet was made that he wouldn’t do it the third time.  During the World Cup in 2014, a bookmaker placed odds that Suarez would take another bite and many Norwegians took advantage of that. And guess what, Suarez went for the bait.

Gaming has been a tradition in the world for thousands of years, it’s thrilling and fun. It could be sport betting, betting on the next president, if aliens will be discovered, who’s going to win the world cup, even small wagers between friends. The bets aren’t always cut and dried. Sometimes they are bizarre and weird, often shocking. But hey, that’s the fun part!

Would you all like to participate in a bet?

Sofie Holmess has a passion and this is gaming and casino games. What a better job than working on as a Social Media Consultant, and writing about her favourite games!

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