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Where Will You Celebrate New Year’s Eve?

Whether you are looking for a family friendly new year event or a gigantic street festival with other party goers, you can find them in cities all around Europe! Each year, capitals such as Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin, Madeira Islands, and London try to outdo each other when it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve. Let’s discover some of these top destinations and what you can expect in those places!

Paris - France

Dress up and board one of the “Bateaux Mouches”, the iconic boats floating across the Seine to experience the magic of New Year. The Eiffel Tower, the bridges across Paris, and the Seine are enough to create a mesmerising setting for New Year’s Eve. For a night to remember, you can indulge in the finest French cuisine while being entertained with a live orchestra. And you wouldn’t want to miss watching the Eiffel Tower as it lights up with fireworks at midnight!


Edinburgh – Scotland

Head to the Princes Street located in the heart of Edinburgh to enjoy Hogmanay, which is one of the biggest New Year celebration around the world. The festivities start with the remarkable Torchlight Procession on the 30th of December. This is where thousands of torch carriers create a river of flame as they flock to the Calton Hill for the fireworks finale on the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle.

Berlin – Germany



    Considered as Berlin’s most enigmatic monuments, the Brandenburg Gate is one of those exceptional              places where New Year’s Eve is celebrated in style. Each year, around one million people gather at the gate      to welcome the new year. Loads of food and drink stalls, light and laser shows, party tents, and amusing            stages spreading over two kilometres are some of the traditional treats you can find here!  On the dot at            midnight, you can view their spectacular firework.



London – England

At the turn of a new year, London becomes a magical place each year with a stunning display of pyrotechnics. So, get your near and dear ones together to welcome 2018 in London, where at midnight, the sky is lit with a blaze of colours and light with fireworks at the famous South Bank. There is even a New Year’s Day Parade in London on the 1st of January. And this year, to mark the 30th annual celebration of this parade, over eight thousand performers from various countries will march across the Boroughs of London.

Madeira Islands – Portugal

The fireworks are so huge on the Madeira Islands that you cannot miss them whether you are at the port of Funchal or on a deck of a cruise ship. In 2006, the Guinness World Records officially recognised the New Year Eve’s fireworks display on this island as the largest one in the world. This brilliant scenario is simply unique and of a rare beauty. The amphitheatre of Funchal is decorated with multi-coloured lamps, converting it into a massive stage before the clock strikes twelve.


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