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Women’s World Cup 2019

Women’s World Cup 2019

The wait is over guys! The finals of the woman’s world cup 2019 were on Sunday, 7th July. Did the United States and Neverlands increase your level of excitement at Parc Olympique Lyonnais, Paris? Countless football fans came to encourage their favourite team.

Women’s world cup 2019

This was the eight’s edition of the woman’s world cup. It started on the 7th of June with a qualification of 24 teams. Where only the two best teams will go to the finals.

 This season has made football fans surprised. Especially the 13-0 score between USA and Thailand. The match was spectacular! The USA broke the record for the world cup match. They played masterfully throughout the season.

The match for the 3rd place was on Saturday 6th July 2019. England and Sweden brought excitement on the pitch. England, on the other hand, played cleverly in this season. They managed to reach the quarterfinals. They had a difficult match with the USA.

The commentaries said: ‘’It's heartbreak for England, who are out at the semi-final stage. First-half goals from Christen Press and Alex Morgan are enough to send the defending champions through. AR madness dominates again, but England can hold their heads high. The USA will be even clearer favourites going into Sunday's final’’.

The woman of the pitch

The USA team is blessed with a gifted player like Alex Morgan. Other teams need to fear her presence. Alex Morgan, the famous and talented woman, scored 5 goals in her match with Thailand. It is indeed an embarrassing moment for Thailand for losing 13-0. Morgan was really proud of herself and her team which is, in turn, the biggest achievement in her life being a captain. The 30-year-old woman is an inspiration for young football players. She is the first woman to score a world cup goal on her birthday. Morgan took her team to the finals defeating England with a score 2-1.

She did it again on Sunday, 7th July. Morgan, the captain, brought the world cup home. Neverlands toiled as hard as the USA to be in the finals. But the truth is that the USA was simply the better team. You can watch the match again online in case you have missed it…The best team won!

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