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World Photography Day

Did you know that million of pictures are clicked and uploaded every minute around the world? This is why everyone is celebrating their clicks on the picturesque World Photography Day happening on the 19th of August.

Taking snaps of places you have visited, people you have met, memorable events in your life, or just to share your happiness with loved ones are just a few examples of the ways most people immortalise special moments in their life.

With just a click of your professional camera or a tap on your smartphone, you can capture a moment forever. Photography is the way to feel the context and emotions associated to a particular moment.

Selfies and random clicks are now a cultural phenomenon. It is quite normal that we honour the day that originated from the invention of the Daguerreotype, a photographic process created by two Frenchmen in 1837. A couple of month later, on August 19, the French government bought the patent and declared this invention as “a gift free to the world”.

Are you wondering how you are going to celebrate this day? You may go out and snap a picture, make a collage of your favourite photos or just play the top photography themed slots at Magical Vegas such as Photo Safari, Silent Movie, and Snapshot.

No matter what photography equipment or skill you have, you can share how you view the world from your perspective on the Facebook page of Magical Vegas.

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