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World Tour of Lucky Symbols

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We all have a good luck charm in which we believe would play a role in the outcome of a situation. Having symbols to create luck or stop bad events have played a big role in human civilisation and since then there have been an innumerable number of lucky symbols.

If you haven’t found your lucky symbol yet then you may choose from the good luck charms from around the world. The most popular of all is the four leaf clover that’s believed to give protection against bad luck. This belief of the Druids of ancient Ireland has carried over into the present times.

The horseshoe is associated to the fairy folk by the ancient Celtic. These creatures were believed to be the harbingers of bad luck and illnesses. Their main fear were of iron thus the use of horseshoe, which is also the crescent moon that the fairy folk also dread. Many believed and still believe that hanging a horseshoe above a household’s door would bring them good luck as well as protect them against malady.

Number 7 is considered as lucky in many cultures around the globe. It is used for many other purposes and is also considered lucky by gamblers. The cute fluffy rabbit’s hind of foot also features among the lucky objects. This belief that’s attached to voodoo is from the fellow African Americans, mainly in the South.

One natural symbol of luck is the rainbow, and the main reason behind its popularity originates from the bible. The saying goes “Find a Penny, Pick It Up and All Day Long You'll Have Good Luck”! The belief of a penny being a good luck charm came from the ancients, who believed metal was a protector from evil.

Punters’ won’t have to find their lucky symbol at Magical Vegas since the magic operates by itself on every game they play!  

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