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£20K win on European Roulette

K.S. had only registered his account with Magical Vegas hours earlier, and his winning balance was already overflowing with not less than £20,070 after playing the new European Roulette provided by Realistic Games! You may call this beginners luck, however Magical Vegas believes that this is definitely the magic of Vegas that have spread over to K.S.

K.S has perhaps not imagined of a better start off at Magical Vegas, as he has certainly brought home the magic by winning such a colossal amount on his very first day on the site, and that too on a recently added roulette game. Magical Vegas has once again proved that huge wins can be won by anyone on any game and at any time!

In the last couple of days, Magical Vegas has added some new games to its already large plethora of online games. Among these feature the very own version of European Roulette by Realistic Games. This game include mind blowing graphics that you may customise according to your preferred choice.

With a realistic camera view that can be viewed in 2 different angles, you can experience a unique and exciting gaming atmosphere just as in a brick and mortar casino. You will find numerous types of bet such as Straight, Single Line, Zero Treble, Zero Corner, Corner, Double Line, and many more. European Roulette may easily become your next favourite game at Magical Vegas, so don’t be shy to come enjoy the shimmery self of the one and only online Vegas ambience!


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