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L.M won £2K on Grease: Danny & Sandy

Do you recall the famous 1978 American musical film? If this hasn’t ring a bell yet then you will definitely remember the Grease gang and the Pink Ladies group! Grease is a movie that still lives on despite all these years gone. Magical Vegas makes all its members relive these great moments every day on its exclusive series of Grease.

The latest release of the Grease series – Grease: Danny & Sandy has made a happy player at Magical Vegas by awarding £2,000! The awesome part with this win is that the player who goes by initials L.M. has signed up late June this year. This magnificent welcome gesture is something that L.M. is far from forgetting.

This third release from Daub Games comes with even more realistic graphics on 5 reels 25 pay line. The game revolves wholly around the two love-birds who fell in love at first sight on a summer night at the beach.

You will get a flashback of the movie plot throughout the symbols of the two at the beach, and various other locations. You will also come across each team’s logos, Rydell High cap, Year book and pom-poms.

The Dance Bonus will take you onto the dance floor where you will get to shake your hips with awesome prizes! More game features are the Frosty Palace Bonus, Drive-In Free Spins and Beach Free Spins.

Choose your team and hit the dancefloor for some twisting moves on ‘You’re the one that I want’ tune!


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