Key Bet Roulette
Game Info
Straight up: : 20p - £25Outside chances: £1 - £500Max payout: £250,000RTP: : 94.74% - 95.34%

Key Bet Roulette

How To Play Key Bet Roulette

Scientific Games has figured out the “key” to entertainment. Thanks to this table game available at Magical Vegas, the fun is ready to be brought to new heights! Embark on a gameplay through Key Bet Roulette game and plunge into the classic roulette leisure. Do you have what it takes to obtain the Key or Jackpot found on this table game? Give it a go and discover the fun in an instant!

Key Features and Betting

To play, you will need to log into your mobile, tablet or desktop device. Oops, if you don’t have a Magical Vegas account, you won’t be able to play! Worry not, registration is quick, and you will be done in an instant. So, feel free to register for an account and begin playing. Once you’ve loaded the game, proceed by setting up the bets of your choice. This game allows you to go for the traditional roulette bets.

Key Bet Roulette follows the traditional roulette rules. You will need to bet on a number and then click spin to start the Roulette Wheel. A ball will be hurled into the Roulette Wheel and the number pocket that includes the ball at the end of the spin is the winner. If you had wagered on the number, you win payouts based on the pay table.

You will notice that there shall be the betting mat right onto the screen. Go ahead and wager on your lucky number or range of numbers. You can go for Split Numbers, Single Numbers, Rows, Corners, Split Rows, Columns, Dozens, Red or Black and Even or Odds. Each of these genres of bets will pay differently based on the pay table.

Do you prefer wagering on a specific area of the roulette wheel? No worries, you can click onto the Neighbour Bets or Bet On Wheel tab found on the top of the screen. These options will allow you to track the numbers as they are arranged on the wheel and wager accordingly.

This game offers you the chance to Clear Your Chips, Double The Bets, Repeat The Last Bet or Stake Medium. The game offers the Key Bet Side Bet. This bet is offered at the side of the Betting Mat and wagering on it will display a value known as the Pot Value. Pot Values can go up to 100x the Key Bet Stake.

Before each spin, the Key Bet wheel spins. The latter includes various multipliers and even the pot. In the event the roulette ball ends up in the Key Bet section of the Roulette Wheel, you win the prize of the Key Bet Wheel.

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