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Aspers Casino Live Roulette

Aspers Casino Live Roulette

Time for some roulette games at Magical Vegas. Roulette is a simple and easy game. Aspers casino Live Roulette is an innovative roulette game created by Play’n GO  The game offers live streaming from one of Aspers Casino land-based casinos and several players can join the room. Also, this game supports the responsive display. As such the game is optimised for all IOS, Android and desktop devices. Grab your mobile, tablet or desktop and begin your gameplay.

Key Features and Betting

Before you start your game, you need to select your preferred chip value. The bet amount varies from 1, 5, 20 to 100 or 2, 10, 25 to 250. Once you are done, you can begin your game! You will come across a few buttons which are found in the roulette table which are useful for you and facilitates your gameplay. For example, clicking on ‘’X’’ clears all the bets. There’s also the autoplay option which is available on Aspers Casino Live Roulette. This option lets you choose from 5, 10, 15, 25 or 50. You can also select your favourite table design.

You will also come across the Inside Bets on Aspers Casino Live Roulette- this feature lets you bet on a number. The Outside Bets, on the other hand, are bets on a set of numbers. Kick-off by setting off your preferred bets. The different kinds of inside bets as follows:

Straight- consists of a single number

Six Lines- consists of a single number each

Street- Place your wager on a single row of 3 numbers

Split- Wager on one-two adjacent numbers

Corner- Set your bet on 4 numbers

On Aspers Casino Live Roulette, there are different kinds of bets as follows;

  • First or last 18 numbers for instance 1-18 or 19-36.
  • bet on 18 even or odd numbers called -Even or Odd
  • Wager on all black or all red numbers
  • Column bet- known as Bet on 12 numbers
  • Dozen - Place your bet on 4 rows which have 3 numbers each.

The roulette wheel consists of 37 numbers which are 0 to 36. The numbers are distributed through distinct pockets.

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At Magical Vegas, keep a watch on the promotions page, it is constantly up to date. Not to forget that the site is open at any convenient time! So, grab your preferred device and begin your gameplay.

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