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Live Blackjack – A Step In The Future Of Card Games

Alright! Magical Vegas is all bound and prepared to make your casino experience one of a kind! And in order to stand up to this statement, this casino site has reunited the most premium quality of games. Now, if you’re speaking about extra special casino games for casino fans, then undeniably, Blackjack should be on the list! After all, it is no surprise to see fervent players walking straight to a Blackjack Table as soon as they cross the doorstep.

Blackjack has always been the celebrity amongst casino games. The second to none gameplay coupled with waves of thrill could be summarised into one word: great! Let’s face it, there are plenty of punters out there who wouldn’t say no to a round of Blackjack. That’s because the excitement knows no bounds when Blackjack is played. Hmmm… But what could bring the PLUS factor in all these? Well, maybe this news could bring a change! Magical Vegas lets players plunge in the greatness of the card game via Live Blackjack.

Live Blackjack… What’s That?

Simple… Blackjack played Live! This gem of technology is actually streamed live from a studio. And it is no usual game studio where everything looks fake and digitalised. Nope! Live Blackjack is set in a lavish studio with fancy backgrounds and a real dealer. Each of your moves would be against a living breathing dealer that is charming and professional. Live Blackjack is featured along with a Live Chat option. 

Hmmm… a prime concern of anyone who loves to go for the best in everything! The graphics and visuals should be of moderate quality, right? Well, if you are amongst those players that could be propounding on such questions, then good news! Blurry images, lags and medium quality graphics have no place here! Live Blackjack is presented using the most advanced state-of-art technologies. Potent software designers managed to craft the best recording systems to catch every detail on screen. As such, anyone who resorts to Live Blackjack is only a few edges away to immerse in the casino entertainment of the elites!

Refresher! The 1, 2, 3 Of Blackjack

Aha! There is no such thing as the perfect time for a blackjack refresher. Whether you’re a fervent casino enthusiast or simply a blackjack rookie, every minute is the right moment to learn Blackjack.

Live Blackjack shares the exact house rules of the classic blackjack game… yep, there’s pretty much no difference. However! Live Blackjack could be presented in diverse variations that would offer additional side bets or moves!

Did you know that Blackjack is often called the 21 Number Game? Here’s why!

To win at Blackjack, you will need to get closer to the number 21. Now, you might be asking, “Hmmm… There could be a mistake there, Magical Vegas. Blackjack is played with cards… not numbers! Where do the numbers come from?” Well, player… that is the catch of Blackjack. The game is played with something called Card Counting. Each card of the deck, regardless of the suit, carry a numerical score which is used to calculate the total worth of your hand.

On Blackjack, Aces carry 1 or 11 points. Whenever you hit an ace, you get the choice to choose whether the card should go for a 1 or an 11. In the event you get an ace when you already have a score of 12 or above, it automatically gets to carry a score of 1.

Two up to Tens carry their respective face values as scores. As for Kings, Queens and Jacks, they all carry 10 points. Got a clearer picture now? Using Card Counting, you will need to reach a score closer or equal to 21 without going more than that. Any score above 21 is busted, hence loses the round. If the two cards initially dealt with you amounts to a 21-number score, it is known as a Blackjack!

Okay so, the dealer? Do you think he/she is there only to deal cards? Not really… that person is going to play as well! In fact, to win at Blackjack, you will need to get a score closer or equal to 21 as well as get a better score than the Dealer! Now that’s fun, don’t you think?

A Glimpse At The Marvels!

Browse through the tip-top collection of Live Blackjack Games at Magical Vegas and cherry-pick the one you consider the best. These Live variations of Blackjack have been crafted by the most potent game developers. NetEnt, a pioneer of online slots and casino games, has a long-lasting legacy of providing only the finest online casino games. And this legacy continues to thrill players to this day.

If you’re ready to spare a few clicks for Live Blackjack Games including Live Blackjack Pro, Live Common Draw Blackjack amongst others, then log onto Magical Vegas or register for an account. First-time depositors are getting away with a top welcome offer! You wouldn’t want to miss that, don’t you?

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