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Live Roulette


Live Roulette – The Wheels & Balls Of Entertainment!

Welcome to one of the favourite spots of the fervent players of Magical Vegas! Hmmm… you might be thinking why? Why has Live Roulette emerged as the number one choice for many out there? Well, roulette is a true delicacy at Magical Vegas… to be relished in its full, glorious splendour! There’s no doubt on the fact that Roulette has got the WOW factor to attract players. Precisely, it is an unmissable scene in every casino – the Roulette table goes house-full with numerous players waiting for a seat to be spared.

However, the well-executed variations of Roulette are no longer restricted to living-breathing casinos! Collecting the very best creations from leading-edge software developers, Magical Vegas managed to concoct a list of Online Roulette games. But! These ones are extra special! They are Live Roulette Games, a combo of entertainment and technology!

Live Roulette And Its Glamour!

It is the responsibility of Magical Vegas to showcase some of the premium Live Roulette Games. Alright, it’s true… some of you out there might not know what Live Roulette refers to. Which is why, the casino site is here to deliver some crucial info and ease your spinning frenzy! Stay tuned to have a glimpse of the wondrous Live Roulette.

Live Roulette is playable on mobile, tablet or desktop devices. “Yeah, what’s awesome in that? There are tons of games at Magical Vegas that are optimised for mobile devices...”, you might ask. Well, what if you are told that Live Roulette is streamed live from a studio? Yes, that’s right! Live Roulette is actually being played at a living-breathing studio and you are able to play Roulette in a real casino-like atmosphere in the comfort of your home! Ooh! The sweet taste of technology!

Studios are equipped with the latest recording systems and the most advanced software to allow a high definition streaming and recording. The set-ups? A well-built and ornamented background graces anyone who plays Live Roulette with one of the fanciest ambiences. To top it off, the rounds are handled by a real dealer. These dealers are the embodiment of professionalism! Not to overlook the fact that they are extremely dashing, enough to make you pause and admire them. OH! Check that blush!

The Little Extras Of Live Roulette

Live Roulette possesses the capability to enthral players into a totally immersive gameplay. Thanks to the awesome visuals and graphics! Acing each sensor element to the max, Live Roulette promises to make a difference in your everyday casino entertainment. But that’s not all! These variants are extremely interactive!

Forget about the gameplays, Live Roulette exhibits a Live Chat Option. Players can text and send statements to the dealer and players alike. Rock the reels and share the happiness of playing roulette to everyone around!

Oops, your gameplay stuck for some reason or you need help? With a little click here and there, you can be connected to the Live Support, a group of dedicated agents that manages to sort any gaming queries as soon as possible. They got your back every hour, every minute… every second!

How To Play Live Roulette?

How about increasing your know-how of this outstanding table game? Like a handful of info and tips wouldn’t harm anyone! No need to browse around the web to search for the best tutorial on how to play Live Roulette. Magical Vegas loves its players and as such, provides all the necessary information to master roulette in no time!

Live Roulette is played similarly to the classic versions of roulette. However, you will need to check which variation of Roulette you’re playing! There are two main variants of Roulette, European and American Roulette.

Usually, any fantabulous round of roulette starts with playing laying the bets. By clicking onto the numbers of their choice, they are able to set stakes on a number or a range of numbers. This is where the major difference between European and American Roulette comes. European Roulette comprises of the numbers 0-36. As for American Roulette, it has got an extra double zero number which increases the house edge percentage.

Whenever the betting time is over, the dealer proceeds to spin the Roulette Wheel… and here it goes…

As the wheel spins, a roulette ball is launched in! It will tumble around the wheel and spin along the wheel until it loses momentum. The ball will then fall into a number pocket which is then declared the winner. Any betting that includes the winning number is paid according to the pay table.

Step Into The Fun At Magical Vegas!

Now that the rules of Live Roulette are glued to your neurons, how about checking the phenomenal Live Roulette variations available at Magical Vegas? The posh casino site proposes enchanting creations from NetEnt such as Live Roulette La Partage, Live French Roulette, Live Auto Roulette amongst others. Care to check these gorgeous games on the device of your choice?

Did you know that Magical Vegas is presenting an awesome welcome offer to all those who are dropping down their first deposits? The offer is outstanding enough to add a few extra layers of excitement in your gameplay! Ready to claim your share of the bonuses? Hmmm… it’s going to be fun!

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