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ROULETTE: Classic Revived

ROULETTE: Classic Revived

Microgaming Systems has developed a simple but entertaining variation of the classic roulette game. This time, enjoy the traditional gameplay on any device of your choice on Roulette: Classic Revived. The game can be played on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Just as any other roulette game, the aim is to predict the number that will emerge as the winner! Will you manage to do so?

Roulette: Classic Revived brings to you interesting 3D designs. Be ready to enjoy the sight of a roulette wheel in HD imageries!

Key Features And Betting

On Roulette: Classic Revived, you can select chip values at the beginning of the game. You will find a right and left arrow that will allow you to set the bets of your choice. Take a pick from the given values; a minimum 0.25 up to 1000 to set as wagers. Whenever you’re done with the bets, click spin!

You are offered many other options as well that can ease your gameplay on Roulette: Classic Revived. For example, the Undo button removes the last bet set. The Re-Bet sets the wagers as per the previous round. The Double Bet doubles the bets currently in the game. Want to clear it all, the Clear button will be handy!

Once you set the bet by clicking on the fields on the betting table, you click spin for the game to start. To note, you can click multiple times on the same field so that the chips are stacked, and the total bet is increased.

You can choose Inside Bets. These comprise of Single Bets, Six Lines Bet, Corner Bets, Split Bets and Street Bets. As for Outside bets, these come with Even and Odd Bets, Red or Black Bets, Dozen Bets and Column Bets.

Roulette: Classic Revived shares the traditional rules of roulette. Whenever a player clicks on the spin button, the roulette wheel spins and after a while, a roulette ball is hurled inside. Then, after some time, the roulette ball loses momentum and falls into one of the numbered pockets. The number is then declared the winner. As simple as that. All fields that comprise the winning number award payouts based on the pay table. To check the odds, click the table tag next to the roulette wheel. That will offer you more information on Roulette: Classic Revived!

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