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Balloonies Swap & Pop

Balloonies Swap & Pop

Fans of the Balloonies brand will be delighted with the release of Balloonies Swap & Pop at Uk's online casino - Magical Vegas. This fun game is created by the game provider, IGT. On this game, join the cute and crazy critters to have lots of fun! It is a simple and easy game with rewarding features. Enjoy this game on your desktop or mobile devices. 

A critter is a type of animal which you can hear at night. So, if you hear scratching noise in your ceiling, you can be certain that a critter is hiding there. A critter can also be any type of animals or insects. These can be domesticated as well as wild. However, on Balloonies Swap & Pop, you can join them all to have great fun! It is set high in the sky and comprises of a 4x4 grid on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Key Features and Betting

Start by selecting one of the following price points to place your bet: 0.50, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10. Your ticket cost and balance are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Swap the balloonies around to pop them and reveal different shapes. If you complete a row of shapes, you win the corresponding prize. Make use of the Auto Play button to speed things up. With this option, choose the given amount of games to play per click.

The symbols you can find on Balloonies Swap & Pop are elephants, giraffes, foxes, birds, spades, triangles, diamonds, hearts, stars, octagons and pentagons. The payouts vary according to the paytable located next to the 4x4 grid and are as follows: £2500, £75, £40, £15, £4 and £1. These are awarded when you trigger shape wins. With each match, you can also trigger instant wins hidden under any of the cute animals on the 4x4 grid.

Your main aim is to match 3 or more similar critters to collect shapes in a group and trigger a win. You never know when you can win one of the instant prizes hidden under the cute little creatures on the grid.

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