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Battle Mania

Battle Mania

Battle Mania is an interesting instant win game powered by Microgaming. The fun gameplay should appeal to anyone who likes a challenge rather than simply spinning the reels. When it comes to the features, there are plenty of them to hold your attention and lets you explore new lands where you can earn prizes. Ladies and gents, are you ready to give it a try? Grab any device your choice preferences and have some gambling happenings!

Battle Mania is a non-slot where you make progress while playing the game and unlocking new game themes and bonus features. You can also control the game experience by choosing your fighting team from 15 different heroes. Each of them has a unique “special skill" that helps the team in the fight. You will play 5 different bonus features while playing on different interesting islands. Get into action by opening Battle Mania at one of UK’s online casino sites – Magical Vegas Casino!

Key Features and Betting

Get started by choosing the bet of your choice in the Set Bet field! In the Game Mode’s field, you can personalise your gameplay by hitting on Regular or Fast. Autoplay Feature is also at your disposal. If you want the games to play automatically, why not opt for the option? Plus, there is a mute button where you can play in silent mode. Be ready to start up the fight by arranging your heroes!

Watch out for the power of Torben on Battle Mania! The power of Torben the Armored Bear is enormous. His shield is invisible and his sleep is uninterruptible. The latter is a formidable and mighty foe that can scare off the mightiest of enemies. Torben has a special skill. It is none other than the shield. This allows him to defend himself against an enemy’s hit in a battle.

Each feature on Battle Mania takes place on an island! Take a peek of what awaits you in the game:

  • Boss Fight (Forest Island) – The dragon is here! Join forces with all your heroes to defeat it!
  • Villains’ Wave (Swamp Island) – Use the crossbow to defeat enemy waves and increasingly multiply your prizes with each wave. Use only 15 arrows to eliminate all enemies in each wave to proceed to the next.
  • Free Battles (Desert Island) – 5 free battles! A prize chest is granted with every battle.
  • Lava Stones Pick (Volcano Island) – Choose as many stones as you can from 12 possible lava stones to uncover cash prizes until you find a multiplier. The multiplier stone multiplies the prizes collected.
  • Event (Treasure Island) – Extra 25% is added to all wins and you can earn a bonus of x1000.

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