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Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

A creation of IGT, Harley Davidson Game is an action-packed arcade game with features and gameplay that may shower a good dose of fun. The game has been inspired by the well renowned Harley Davidson brand and provides players the opportunity to try it on their desktop, mobile and tablet screen at any time at Magical Vegas. Launch the game and experience the feeling of a road.

Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer and has gained fame throughout the world by providing unique styles like the Chopper, Heavyweight Cruisers amongst others. Throughout the years, the company expanded to the making of decorations, figurines of motorcycles, ornaments and other branded items.

Key Features and Betting

Harley Davidson Game is an arcade game and does not include any reels or paylines throughout the gameplay. Instead, players are presented with various types of mini games based on the essence of luck to generate winnings. Players are able to access four game tabs numbered 1 to 4.  To begin, the stake amount should be set according to the player by using the Ticket Cost Tab. Stakes amount from a minimum of £0.50 up to a maximum of £10.00.

Players are required to click or tap to reveal the cards or items they have chosen on screen. The Auto-Reveal tab can be used as well to have the cards revealed automatically without the need to click. At the start, the games shall be presented on the screen and the player has to choose which game he/she wishes to proceed with first. The games that are featured are;

Find A Harley Davidson Motorcycle: The game will show the player four garages marked with badges. Upon clicking, the garages will reveal their containment and in the event the player obtains a motorcycle during the reveals, they win the mentioned prize.

Top Torque: Two RPMs are presented on your screen whereby clicking on them will reveal the value of the cards. If the player’s card value are higher than that of the rival’s cards, the player wins the round.

Match and Win Wheel Spin: A wheel with colours; red, green, orange, blue, purple, yellow and light blue is displayed on the screen. The Wheel shall undergo a spin and the colour it stops on will determine the amount of winnings that will be awarded. Players can obtain a minimum of £1.00 and a maximum of £100.00 during this game.

Match Three Harley Davidson Motorcycles: On the screen, eight hidden motorcycles will be presented. Clicking on them will reveal the motorcycles and having 3 similar motorcycles will award the player a prize.

The Harley Davidson Game is presented in different levels. From 1 to 10, the levels are responsible to enhance the winnings. Levels increase based on your stake amount thus, having higher bet values will increase the level and consequently award you higher prizes. A minimum of £0.50 and up to a maximum of £150,000 can be won!

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