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Jackpot Artist

Jackpot Artist

Head to the city of light and love, more commonly known as Paris, to catch up with the Jackpot Artist who is as famous as Van Gogh. Jackpot Artist Scratch Card is an arcade game from Daub Games and can be played exclusively at casino. In this game, you will see the famous jackpot artist holding a palette and working on his masterpiece painting, where he is recreating the faces of various celebrities. The object of this game is to match 3 of the same symbols on the same horizontal line to win the prize amount displayed. In the background of Jackpot Artist Scratchcard, you will see a magnificent view of Paris with a bridge over the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower.

On this game, you will see that the painting has been arranged in a grid of squares which is 3x3, where the jackpot artist is about to draw the portrait of celebrities. If the artist happens to draw the same symbol in a horizontal line, you win the amount displayed at the end of that line.

Betting on Jackpot Artist

On Jackpot Artist Scratchcard, you can bet £0.10, £0.25, £0.50 or £1 per scratch card by clicking on the minus or plus buttons below the Bet field in the game window to decrease or increase your stake amount. Pays of up to £1,000, £2,500, £5,000 or £10,000 may be awarded according to your stake amount. An autoplay option can be used where you will be able to select between 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 to 100 scratch cards without the need for you to intervene between the games. 

You will find various game-specific elements on the game window such as Bet which shows the bet per one active scratchcard. On the Win field, you will find the amount you have won in case of a match between the price symbol and any other symbol on the scratch card. The Jackpot field displays the maximum amount that can be won on the scratch card at a particular stake.  On the Balance field, you can see your account balance which is the money you can use to play Jackpot Artist Scratch Card. By clicking the New Card button, you can purchase the card and clicking on Scratch All which is displayed during the active game round will scratch all the fields on the scratch card and reveal the hidden symbols below.

Jackpot Artist Scratch Card is an easy to play game where you have to select the bet per scratch card and then click on New Card at the bottom of the game window to purchase the scratch card. Once purchased you can click on one of the three 'Scratch Here' sign posts that are hanging on the lamp post to reveal the prize displayed. You will need to click one of the nine areas in the scratch card that has not been revealed, scratch that painting and reveal the hidden symbol underneath or you may click directly on Scratch All to have the card scratched automatically.

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