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Kitty Grabber

Kitty Grabber

Before playing Kitty Grabber, you need to know a story! Once upon a time, there was a lovely family of cats that consisted of Toby, his little sister Candy and their parents. Every day was quite normal for them until a massive funfair was constructed right next to their little house. Toby and Candy were very much excited about it however the parents knowing how naughty Toby can be, were not at peace.

One morning while leaving for school, Toby's eyes fell onto the funfair that was in full operation with kids and parents having a go on the rides and the many stalls found there. This magnetised Toby’s attention however knowing that his mother would be watching him from the window as she always does, Toby quietly took the way to school. Upon arriving at the door of his school, Toby turned abruptly and took the opposite direction which led to the funfair. Adopting the ninja mode in his mind, Toby quietly sneaked into the funfair without letting his mother know.

Upon entering the funfair, Toby was jumping up and down while his eyes went on like a yoyo since he couldn't make up his mind which rides to try first. After much reflection, Toby went to the toy grabber in which there was a series of plush toys such as the ginger man, racoon, koala, mouse, one-eyed monster, aliens and cute teddy bears. Throughout Kitty Grabber, Toby will take you along with him onto his secret trip into the funfair to take out a toy. You will be behind the toy grabber machine with Toby at the other side with the rides at this back. In the middle are toys that are laid out, waiting for you to grab them.

Betting on Kitty Grabber Scratchcard Game

Before you start your play on Kitty Grabber Scratchcard game, select your bet option out of 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 or 1. Along with the bets that you pick comes a jackpot that increases along with your bet. Therefore if you bet 0.10 you may win £1,000, 0.25 will bring you £2,500, 0.50 might award £5,000 and finally, the top bet of 1 may bring to you the top jackpot of £10,000. Auto-Play is also available for this Scratch-card game in which you may choose your preferred number of games to play.

After having chosen your betting amount, click on ‘New Card’ for the game to begin. The objective of Kitty Grabber is to grab a toy for Toby, after having done so you will win the prize displayed. Clicking on the Scratch Here box to the right of Toby will reveal the prize.

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