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Shore Thing Pull Tab

Shore Thing Pull Tab

The mobile electronic game known as Shore Thing Pull Tab is finally available at one of UK’s online casino sites - Magical Vegas. This game has been developed by Realistic Games. Your main aim while playing Shore Thing Pull Tab game is to reveal matching symbols under the tab to earn payouts of up to 50x your stake value.


Shore Thing Pull Tab game will take you to a beach on its background, where you will find the blue sky reflecting on the sea. Plus, you will also notice Sea Gull standing on top of a one of the wooden piers at sea. On this game, you will find a combination of marine creatures and fruit symbols. These include symbols such as Cherries, Oranges, Melons, Seahorse, Crabs, and Star Fishes.

Coin values on Shore Thing Pull Tab Game ranges from £0.25 to £10.00 that may be selected on the Stake field, by simply toggling with the plus or minus buttons.

Simply match three identical symbols on Shore Thing Pull Tab to win the game, and earn the corresponding prize value as per the paytable. The maximum payout that you can earn on any game goes up to a maximum of 200x your stake value. If you want to reveal of the four lines of the pull tab at once, you just require to press on the ‘Pull All’ button. Clicking on the Auto Play button will provide you with the opportunity to pick up to 10 game sessions to start playing automatically.

Your objective while playing Shore Thing Pull Tab game is to get 3 matching symbols under a line to win its corresponding prize amount. For a new game to start, you can click on the “Start button”. This will activate all four lines of the pull by simply lighting up. Then you can just swipe the pull tabs on each line to reveal the hidden symbols beneath each of them. Each active game will give you four possibility to win with four win lines. You can expect to earn the prize value of 50x your stake amount with three matching Starfish symbol. And if the Starfish symbol is revealed on all the four lines, you will earn the maximum prize value of a total of 200x your stake amount.

Earn 30x and 20x your stake value for three Crab and three Starfish symbols respectively on Shore Thing Pull Tab. When a combo of Seahorse, Crab and Starfish symbols are revealed under a Pull Tab line, you will earn 10x your stake value. Three Melons, Oranges, and Cherries revealed on a Pull Tab line will give you a payout of 3x, 2x, and 1x your stake value respectively.

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