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Word Candy

Word Candy

Word Candy is a unique instant win scratchcard game that has been developed by Core Gaming and it can be played at one of UK’s casino destination – Your aim on this game is to find letters within a grid of crossword. Word Candy is themed on sweet treats such as cake and chocolate. You will find a crossword grid over a purple background in the middle of the screen on Word Candy, a paytable on its left-hand side, and chocolate panel with 27 hidden alphabets on the right-hand side.

Key Features and Betting

The stake value of Word Candy Slot is set to a single value of £3 for each game played and it cannot be adjusted. At the bottom right-hand side of the scratch card, you will find the stake value displayed.

Once you load Word Candy, you will be presented with a tutorial and you can start a new game by clicking on the Buy Card button. This will start a short animation where the chocolate bar panel with chocolate squares will be revealed. The buy card is then converted into the Auto Pick button. Clicking on this button will auto reveal 18 chocolate letter squares to disclose the corresponding matching letters on the crossword grid. If you do not select the auto pick mode, then you can press on the right or left arrow to access all the chocolate squares with hidden letters which are spread across three cards.

On Word Candy, you can only select 18 chocolate squares out of the 27 squares available. A letter is revealed as each chocolate square selection is made. And if a letter matches a word found within the crossword grid, it automatically starts filling the crossword. Found letters are thus activated and shown on the crossword grid. Each fully activated word will lead you closer to a prize. And 3 or more fully activated words will award you a prize. The game ends if you fail to fill 3 or more words during the 18 picks. If you are able to find 3 or more words, these word values are paid to you.

When clicking on the Buy Card button, a Golden Ticket can randomly appear to award you a guaranteed win of 10x your card value. If 3 cherries are revealed during a game, they will move to a cherry pot at the bottom of the screen and activate the bonus feature once you have used your 18 picks. You will then be shown a bonus screen with a lollipop and a 3 tier cake. 3 words with 5, 6, and 7 letters are found on the cake, and you are required to press the lollipop 3 times to spill out 3 letters each time. Matching letters are then filled in the words on the cake tiers. The bonus value of the tier is awarded to any filled word. This bonus feature can even be unlocked without a win on the crossword grid.

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