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Butterfly Staxx 2

Butterfly Staxx 2

One of the most beautiful creatures is butterflies. They have an incredible process of transformation from larva to flying beauties. No need to catch some in your garden as NetEnt brings to you the most attractive butterflies on Butterfly Staxx 2 Slots.

On Butterfly Staxx 2, the well- designed game will take you into another world with its peaceful background music, and lovely background which will twilight, while night-time flowers can be shown blossoming on trees. Enjoy this nature-themed slot game anytime at Magical Vegas Casino.

Key Features and Betting

On Butterfly Staxx 2 slot you can come across symbols like A, K, Q and J card suits and 3 different gorgeous flowers and a twinkling butterfly. The shinning butterfly is the most rewarding one with 5 on a payline giving you 2 times your stake.  You will also encounter a lotus flower wild which can appear anywhere on the reels in the base game, this is a substitute for all the symbols apart from the scatter.

Butterfly Staxx 2 slot has two bonus games which are Butterfly Spins and Butterfly Frenzy. In Butterfly Spins land onto the reels, some turn into beautiful butterflies that give payouts. The butterfly symbol grabs on fully stacked and this triggers the Re-Spins feature.

On Butterfly Staxx 2 slot the illuminated butterfly symbols fly and shift to the left position on the same row where a butterfly symbol isn’t present. These butterflies will then be fixed on the reels for a re-spin. Try and unlock a second play area when the 2 leftmost reels are enclosed by butterflies and the third play area If the 3 leftmost reels are occupied with butterflies. This allows a double and boosts the chance to form a winning combination.

Butterfly Staxx 2 slot game contains a scatter symbol, it will appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time. You have to choose between 2 bonus features. The other special feature is that only cocoon symbols can appear on the reels which can be inactive or active. The active cocoon symbols will convert into butterfly symbols which flies to the leftmost position on the same row.

In the Butterfly Frenzy feature, you will be given the opportunity to select the butterfly symbols and enhance the total win. Through 5 different stages, you are granted with 10 picks – they are as follows:

Stage 1- each butterfly- 0.4, 1 or 1.6 times your stake

Stage 2- each butterfly- 1, 1.6 or 2 times your stake

Stage 3: every butterfly- 1.6, 2 or 3 times your stake

Stage 4: each butterfly- 2, 3 or 4 times your stake

Stage 5: each butterfly 3, 4 or 5 times your stake

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